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Grass Straws

Have you once felt concerned that plastic is no longer harmless, even if it is recycled, it also releases toxins into the air that we breathe while the rest enters our crops and animals, eventually penetrating our food chain?

Have you ever imagined how it will affect the next generation when the vast amount of plastic is still increasing?

But there is one thing you do not know. We can completely write the journey of these used-straws by choosing biodegradable straws so that after using, they can return to the motherland.

Forgetting the plastic straws with their negative impact on your health and planet, there are many kinds of biodegradable straws in the market such as Biodegradable plastic, bamboo, wheat or paper straws. But natural organic grass straws from “Tinh bot xanh” are the superior alternative because they made of 100% Natural & Organic Sedge Grass – no plastic derivatives and preservatives. So what are its benefits for you? Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also good for environments regardless of hot or cold temperatures that paper straws cannot. Especially, when you use them, they won’t affect the taste of your drinks.

Our journey in creating straws started in the beautiful Long An province of Vietnam. The progress to make these straws is not complicated, but it requires more labor effort because of not having the machine interference. We always try our best to bring quality products that meet both aesthetic requirements and health safety standards.

Let us help you find the perfect Natural Organic Biodegradable Grass straws 100%

High quality and safe for your health:

Grass straws have plastic-free, chemical-free, no plastic derivatives, and preservatives. All straws are sterilized at high temperatures which cleaner of all remain straws. Manufactured with guaranteed quality. “Tinh bot xanh” grass straws have been proved by laboratory tests.

Suitable for any hot and cold beverage

No plastic flavor. Stronger than any straws. Do not become soggy and shatter in water like paper straws, glass straws. Do not need to clean more time like bamboo straws.

Best to use once on all occasions

Such as birthday/cocktail/housewarming party, to gather or promote, your wedding and business at affordable prices and environmental value.

The renewable and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based materials

The sedge grass having a fast-growing time, long storage period and 100% compostable: a plentiful renewable resource.

The best alternative for the single-use product to reduce the plastic crisis

No taking up 200 years to decompose as plastic straws, no destroying the marine ecosystem. Your choice can help protect our sea turtles and wildlife!!!

The special thing about “Tinh bot xanh” straws is that it explores the environmental value of the grass straws. We made packaging with 100% original paper material without using any other materials for commercial purposes.

Hurry while we have these available special high-quality straws for sale and distribution. “Fuma” Straws guarantee that you are fully satisfied with our product!

Let’s be a volunteer for saving your next generation and the future planet with “Fuma”

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