Top 5 Reasons To Use Biodegradable Grass Straws

The use of biodegradable straws in modern life today is gradually becoming a new trend. One of the most compostable straws is grass straws. Not only does it helps protect the environment up to a clean, animals avoid unfortunate accidents with plastic straws but also give us many interesting experiences and other great advantages.

An estimated 5 million plastic straws are thrown away every day in the United States. The number of plastic straws becomes worse when multiplied by the number of countries using plastic straws globally. The surge in plastic straws has been contributing to the accumulative effect of environmental pollution.

To minimize the harms in the use of plastic straws today, the proposed alternatives such as upgrading waste recycling plants, limiting the use of plastic straws, etc. One of the best solutions not only being able to protect the environment but also not losing comfort, is the use of biodegradable straws made from wild grass.

What is grass straws?

Grass straw is invented by a young Vietnamese entrepreneur named Tran Minh Tien. These straws are made from a species of grass with a hollow stem called Lepironia Articulata grown around the Mekong Delta region in southwestern Vietnam. These straws have made a significant transformation for the Zero – Waste movement and a marvelous green solution for saving our beautiful planet.

Ống hút cỏ

Instead of going straw-free, the grass straw fulfills both individual and environmental benefits with many incredible advantages:

Protecting the environment from plastic pollution

According to 4Ocean (, plastic straws can take up to 200 years to decompose – way beyond our lifespans! Billion of plastic straws end up every day because it’s a one – time use item. Despite recycling, it also releases toxins into the air that we breathe while the rest enters our crops and animals, eventually penetrating our food chain.

Chúng ta có thể làm gì để tăng tốc độ phân huỷ ống hút sinh học?

Unlike plastic straws, Grass straw is the best eco- friendly option because it would be biodegradable within 6 months. By replacing plastic straws in our daily lives with some abilities such as decompose 100% in a short time and become the food of many creatures, etc. Polluted waste has greatly reduced to help restore its natural ecosystems.

Reducing the ocean plastic pollution

You’ve probably seen images of turtles getting injured when plastic straws got stuck in the nose or many images of many fish died unfortunate deaths from eating disposable plastic straws. According to The Atlantic, about 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, the equivalent of having a car full of plastic waste dump directly into the ocean every minute.


các nhà khoa học đã phải lấy 1 chiếc ống hút nhựa từ mũi rùa

If you are a nature and animal lover, the use of biodegradable straws will be a great thing. This small action will eliminate such dangers for the current species having problems with plastic straw waste, not destroy the marine ecosystem when many corals are heavily contaminated with plastic toxins. And biodegradable grass straws can not suffocate marine animals and cause their physical injuries.

Protecting human health

Plastic straws are especially dangerous for health because plastic straws without quality assurance, the toxins in the plastic can penetrate food and drink, especially hot beverages.

The elimination of single-use plastic straws and their replacement with grass straws help protect our health and future generations.

Grass straws can not cause any negative impact on your health because of their inherent natural origin. Without the eye-catching colors of straws made from industrial colorings, grass straws are not a potential threat and cause dangerous diseases. Grass straws with natural ingredients do not contain any toxic substances, free of chemicals, preservatives and also edible. Also, wild grass is a biodegradable ingredient that doesn’t discharge any bacteria and pathogens into the surrounding environment.

Bảo vệ sức khỏe con người

What’s more, according to Ong hut co, chewing them after meals can help to remove food particles and bacteria. So that using grass straws is a safe solution for your family’s health.

Retaining the taste of your drink

It’s correct! You may not believe it but these straws do not lose the taste of your drink and grass straws are not deformed by high-temperature. Besides, the use of grass straws will even help us feel the taste of refreshing and delicious drinks.

Ống hút cỏ có thể dùng để uống nước nóng hoặc lạnh đều ổn

A small study in Vietnam with 200 people comparing plastic straws and using biodegradable straws when drinking cocktails 82% rated using straws made more delicious. Although only a small trial, the evaluation of the use of biodegradable straws made from weeds has a very positive effect compared to expectations.

The affordable price

Natural grass straw for drinking is great for your holiday season, birthday party and picnic at an affordable price. At the moment, these grass straws are available for sale by EQUO international with only 2 USD per package of 20 straws.

Top 5 lý do để sử dụng ống hút cỏ

These biodegradable straws are a green innovation for the firms which expect to be a more environmentally friendly business, raise awareness for customers and engage their attention. The price of these straws is also affordable for coffee shops, fast food stores… while they completely achieve the value of green and quality products.

Therefore, Grass Straws will help most people avoid these potential risks that plastic straws bring. The immense benefits of grass straws have already demonstrated that they are the best alternative in the Zero – waste option. By using grass straws, a small action can also make a huge difference.

Taking care of the planet is also like protecting our well- being and the future generation. What do you think about this ingenious solution?

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