Vietnam Biodegradable Straws | Vietnam Compostable Straws


Are you looking for a manufacturer of biodegradable straws that can alternative plastic straws with large volume and wholesale price? Please refer to our biodegradable straws of Green Starch JSC and contact us for the best support.

1. Decompostable or biodegradable
Our drinking straws will break down in normal environment in about 90 days, a perfect solution to alternative plastic straws.

2. Odorless
The biggest concern of customers is that the biodegradable straws have the smell and affected to the taste of drinking water. Our degradable straws are made from the fresh and best quality ingredients so they have no smell and not affected to the taste of your drinking water.

3. The straws is durable in all kind of drinking water
You have not finished enjoying your glass of drinking water, the straws is broken? Don’t worry, Our straws can be soaked in water for about 60-120 minutes and even more.

4. Full size
With 04 most popular type of straws:
– Cocktail straws
– Coffee straws
– Smoothie straws
– Bubble tea straws / Milk tea straws:
Our factory can customize the length of straws according to the your needs.

5. Multi colors from natural
Our degradable straws with diverse colors, 100% natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables such as:
– Blue: extracted from the Butterfly Pea Flower
– Yellow: extracted from the Gardenia Seeds
– Purple: extracted from the Magenta Leaf
– Orange color: extracted from Gac Fruit
– Black: made from Bamboo Charcoal
– Brown: made from Cacao Flour

6. Can supply with large volume
Based on Sa Dec Traditional Flour Village with quality and abundant raw materials, we can manufacture and supply large volumes for international export markets.

7. Wholesale prices
Please work directly with our factory to get the best support of price.

[A] : 91 Hamlet 2, Ward 2, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
[W]; [E]; [F]
[Hotline]: +84 89 670 8468, [Phone/Zalo/Whatsapp]: +84 934 425 408

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