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    • minimun order quantity (wholesale): 200 kg

    Distribution Domestic And International

    We are currently seeking domestic and international distributors. Connect with us below.

    Questions Domestic And International

    Do you ship wholesale products internationally?

    We offer wholesale for local retailers or bulk orders for business customers ALL OVER THE WORLD.
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    How can I order TinhBotXanh's Straws for my business?

    Simply shop our wholesale collection to order online using a credit card. Alternatively you can call us at +84934425408 to place an order over the phone or email us at with your order.

    How do TinhBotXanh's Straws compare in price to other plastic-free alternatives?

    Our wholesale prices are competitive and comparable to buying paper straws. Our Straws are around three cents per piece, paper is often priced at over four cents a piece and our straws won’t go Soggy. Bio plastic / PLA or cornstarch straws are only commercially compostable in the right facility and unfortunately at the moment compost sorting facilities are not able to detect the difference between a bioplastic and a plastic straw, so despite your best intentions, these will likely end up in landfills. FUMA Rice Straws from TinhBotXanh are your best choice for price, performance and compostability.

    Do you sell to retailers?

    Yes, we have resale pricing available in our 20/50/100/250 pack sizes. Quantities start at 20 x 100 packs.

    Do you offer additional discounts for restaurant groups or chains with multiple locations?

    Yes, please contact your sales rep or us at for more information on setting this up.

    Do you offer net terms?

    Yes, please contact your sales rep or us at for more information on setting this up.

    Do you offer distribution pricing?

    Yes, please fill in our distribution form so we can better understand your business. Please note for international inquiries we receive a lot of applications and only contact the distributors who we feel are a good fit.

    How do I adjust my TinhBotXanh's Straws subscription?

    Email us at with your changes or call us at +84934425408 (whatsapp/zalo/viber)

    Having trouble logging into the wholesale login?

    If you just applied for wholesale or reset your password, please check your junk or spam folder for notifications. If you still have problems email us at or call us at +84934425408 (whatsapp/zalo/viber) to get help logging in.

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